The Journey of WEB 3.0 OpenWorld!


Bring the real metaverse into your hand! Kittinton is made for the solution of Virtual Assets that are presented by the Cutest and Smarty Time Traveler Cat named "Kit The Cat" and his hometown “Kittinton”

Start Exploring Web 3.0 Adventure!
NFT accessible to The Cafeteria and meet with other people. Let's make the community from here!The Cafeteria
$KITT TokenUtility at Launch! Mintable NFT by just Holding a Token. Buyback, Staking, and Burning are on the way!
Virtual PropertiesJoin the Citizen of Kittinton! The definition of WEB3 and Virtual Assets are waiting to unleash the potential of the next Bull Market!
Utilities & Features
Connect $KITT token with NFTs to make an activity and get virtual assets as a reward.Solid Proof of Ownership
Gamefi inside the Town. Connect a playable module with a Prize Pool that is created from Tax Selling.Playable Space
The town is the WEB3 Definition based on making. Using Unreal Engine to bridge the decentralization of your assets!WEB3 Driven Open World
Total Supply is 1bl for flexible development and is a good magic number!Token Supply
63% Provide for pre-sale and Dex LP 33%, 4% to driving your opportunity.Token Metrics
All 8,888 NFTs are deployed on Ethereum Smart Contract. It's the constraints of back bone with $KITT Token.NFT Supply
Documents Access!
Docs Check out all the documents we provided on Gitbook!
Roadmap Stairway to the future of Metaverse and Kittinton!
Grap the handbook of Your Verse!
How to Access?
Connect Wallet
Mint & Play
MattKittinton Founder, Designer
PepetoshiPepeMoto Web3/Game Developer
LEKKY_5371 Blockchain Dev
Audit & KYC
Where to find us?

Kittinton is the WEB3.0 Virtual Town driven by ERC20 $KITT token and NFTs. The project developed by Unreal Engine targeted to provide The Future of WEB3.0, Gaming, and NFTs! Playable Cafeteria at launch!

You can buy on Pinksale Fairlaunch after the pre-sale opens, and then the token will list on Uniswap as fast as we can.

We will collect all Buy/Sell Tax to bring up the Value of NFT and $KITT Token along with the marketing and CEXs listing. To prevent the dry-out of the market, we must collect first until make sure we can eliminate a much of sellers or jeeters. Our target is maximum benefit for all holders!

We provide full support on Opensea, Blur, and all marketplaces that accept the Ethereum Smart Contract.

Just hold some $KITT to get free mint access or purchase with your ETH directly. Don't forget to spare some ETH for the Gas Transaction.

Kittinton is the metaverse project that wants to Compile Defi, Gamefi, and Metaverse into a Unique One by the inspiration of 8-bit Pixel Art! The future of the development will exceed the utility of blockchain, Virtual assets, and The Proof Ownership become so real along with the future of Crypto Currency.
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